How to choose the right paint finish

So you’ve picked out the room that you’re painting and that magnificent color.  Now it’s time to choose the gloss.  Here are some recommendations for choosing the right type of paint for any room.

First choice: Oil-based or latex.  Most people choose latex when painting interior surfaces because it dries quickly, doesn’t have strong odors, is water-based, lasts a long time, and cleans up easily with soap and water.   Oil-based, on the other hand, does go on smoother and resists wear longer than latex does.  However, it takes longer to dry, has a stronger odor, and needs to be removed with a solvent such as paint thinner.

Eggshell and Satin: You’ll want to use this gloss in rooms that you’re in most of the time, such as the kitchen, family room, hallways, children’s rooms, etc.  These finishes are very durable and the simplest to clean.

Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paints stand up best where moisture is likely to get in, such as bathrooms.  They also are good for front doors, kitchen cabinets, and decorative trim and molding because they highlight the details.

Flat: Since flat paints have very subtle sheens, they tend to hide imperfections and nicks in walls.  Unfortunately, they are the hardest to clean, so you’ll want to use this finish in places that requires little to no washing, such as ceilings, closets, guest bedrooms, and formal living areas.

Visit Consumer Reports to view interior paint ratings.  Consumer Reports will also let you know which stores have the best paint products. 

Once you’ve painted your new home and are ready for a value estimate, please contact me on my website Noah Seidenberg.  You can also call me at 847-316-8529 directly.paint

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