The best time to buy…

I happened upon a great article about the best time to buy, well, anything.  Here’s some tips on when to buy those important items for your home at the best price!

1) Air conditioners: Since they’re most used throughout homes from May-September, the best time to purchase these are in the winter.  Demand drops the most, and so do the prices.

2) Major appliances: New models hit the floors in September and October.  So to get last year’s models at a huge discount (so the stores can make room for the new ones), those are the best months to purchase.

3) Furniture: Now!  New inventory usually hits the stores in February, so January is the perfect month to buy that new couch or bedroom set you were eyeing.  July is also a great month as new inventory comes into stores in August.

4) Gas grills: Like air conditioners, grills get the most use (especially in Illinois) ducredit-cards_69ring the summer months.  If you can hold off until winter, you’ll get the best deal when it’s cold.

5) Linens and bedding: Like clothing, bargains can always be found on styles from last season.  Most retailers and catalog companies will sale their linens in January, to allow time for the new styles and colors to come out in spring.

6) Real estate: The National Association of Realtors says spring is key, because more homes come on the market to choose from and the grass is greener for stronger curb appeal.  As anxious sellers try to get rid of their homes, you might have a lot of success negotiating to your benefit during the winter months.

7) Vacuum cleaners: Most new models arrive in stores in June, so to get the best deals, April and May is the best time.  Just in time for spring cleaning.

More tips can be found in this article.
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