What’s in and out for home design

The International Builders show was held last week in Las Vegas.  Panels were held by top design experts as to what was now “trendy” and what was now “out.”  Here is a list of what’s not so popular anymore, according to consumer preferences.


Less popular features:
1. Fireplaces: Numbers of fireplaces in homes have been on the decline in the past few years. 
2. Carpet: Hardwood flooring seems to be the number one request by buyers in terms of flooring.  17% of new homes contain carpet throughout the entire home.
3. Living rooms: As long as there is a space for gathering, such as a family room, living rooms are being wasted or extra space, and not needed as often as they once were.
4. Desks in the kitchen: Spaces like this can become cluttered too quickly.  Consumers are preferring their own office space or larger desks near the family room where they can watch their kids.
5. Skylights: Only 10% of new homes built will contain skylights in the coming year.
6. Updated kitchens: I was surprised to learn that granite counters are becoming less desirable.  Turns out that laminate counters last a lot longer and are easy to maintain in the long run.  

More on what’s falling out of style can be found here.
 And so what seems to be the newest trends in home design?  These items are becoming more popular.
1. Lighting used as art: Lighting can be both functional and decorative.  View some examples of great pieces at Lightcrafters.
2. Outdoor living space that is an extension of the indoors: Some patios go so far as to include fireplaces, TVs, audio equipment, and artwork.
3. Decorative “natural” pieces: Since so many consumers are concerned with saving the environment, a lot of design and artwork is focused on tree designs, for example.
4. Going green: Water-efficient appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are becoming more and more trendy.  Other examples include LED lights under kitchen cabinets.
5. His and hers: Forget just closets and vanities.  Some homes are offering his and hers garages!
6. Car lifts: With lot sizes becoming smaller, consumers are looking to get the most out of their space by storing one car on top of another or descending one into a basement space as you need it. 
7. Large windows: Aside from adding in natural sunlight and decreasing energy costs, large windows can serve as the focal point of a room.
8. Wood: I love seeing homes with original woodwork that has been around for hundreds of years.  Wood in both light and dark stains is becoming more popular around doorways, baseboards, and even on ceilings.
9. Mirrors: shaker-mirror-doubleThe easiest way to make a space look larger is to put a mirror in the room.  You can almost double the size of a room in one simple step.  A decorative mirror can also be the new focal point of a room.
10. Electronics: You can’t turn around without a new electronic device on the market these days.  You’ll find iPod docking stations in kitchens and baths now.  TVs of all sizes can be found throughout the home, many of them mounted in the space.
Trends from the Builders Show can be found here.

I’d love to hear your comments about what you think is “in” and “out.”  Please post a comment or visit me online.




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