Protect your home with these security tips

burglar5The last thing anyone needs is a break-in to their home.  Aside from losing valued and priceless possessions, a break-in can cause extra emotional and financial stress for anyone.  Here are some safety tips to help prevent this from happening.

1. All doors that lead from the exterior of the home indoors should have at least 3 locking mechanisms.  A Mortice lock can add extra strength to the door making it harder to break through.

2. If you have an older home, make sure that all doors are in good shape.  Older doors can be easily pried open.  If you’re going to purchase a door framed in metal or PVC, try to purchase one that already has built-in locks and a fitted chain because adding those later could be more costly.

3. Older windows should also be locked with the keys removed so somebody can’t reach in.  You’ll want to replace older window frames and purchase ones with laminated glass since it’s tougher to break than normal glass. 

4. Motion sensor lights can help you feel more secure by turning on as they notice movement.  You set the motion-sensing eye to recognize movement within a certain distance or at a certain angle.  They won’t just activate as raccoons or squirrels move past.

5. You might want to invest in timers for all indoor lights, especially if you’re going to be going on vacation or aren’t home for extended periods of time.  A dark, unlit house is just an open invitation for a burglar.

6. If you’ve moved into a new house that had a security system that you are not actively using, make sure to leave the stickers on the windows/doors so that any potential break-in thinks the system is still active.

7. Always close and lock the door from the garage into the home, even if you are at home.  Keep the garage door closed even if you park in the driveway because your garage has other big tools and equipment that could easily be stolen.

For tips on how to choose the best security system, you can view this article.

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