Lawn care tips for adding value

I’ve talked plenty before about some house fixes that were cheaper and could potentially add a lot of value to your home if you’re planning to sell soon or sometime in the future.  While indoor improvements can definitely mean a return on investment, it’s also important to be aware of what you can do outside to add value.  There’s a lot of importance in landscaping.  Now, you don’t have to be a landscape architect or master gardener to help your house show its best.  These easy tips are ones that anybody can do and they’ll increase your investment easily.

1. Take care of clutter.  Get rid of junk that’s sitting against the side of your house.  Do you have patio furniture from 30 years ago that’s completely rusted but still sitting on your patio?  Trash it.  Keep garbage cans in the garage and out of sight.  Move yard waste out of the yard and into the garage or out of view until garbage day.  And if you’re a fan of lawn ornaments, try to tone them down to an appropriate level. 

2. Give your lawn some TLC.  Fertilize it when it’s in its growing stage (starting in the spring).  Don’t let it get too long, but don’t cut the grass too short, either.  This exposes the bare patches in the lawn for all to see.  It also allows bugs and weeds to take over.  The Yard Doctor says to mow only one-third of the lawn’s height for each mowing.  This lawn will be stronger and be able to protect itself against weeds.  lawn-care

3. Trim!  Nothing is less appealing than driving up to a house seeing overgrown trees and branches hanging in front of a front door or blocking a side of the house.  It really ruins the curb appeal.  You also want to cut back near decks and patios.

4. Add color.  Choose some annual flowers with a burst of color like hot pink, purple, or orange.  Try planting some near your front walk or around the base of trees in your yard.

5. Install an automatic sprinkler system.  Could lawn care be any more easy?  This is a great selling point for new buyers.  You choose when you want the sprinklers to go off.  This could be very beneficial for those living in towns where they’re trying to save water by only allowing you to water your plants and lawn at certain times and on certain days.  If you’re not around, your automatic system sure is.

View some more great tips at this Web site. Hopefully this Chicago weather will start to warm up a bit, but these cooler days could be the perfect opportunity for you to make some quick lawn fixes. Visit me online if you have any questions.

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