Is this going too far?

I’ve heard of people paying for their entire wedding by having it “sponsored” by advertisers.  I’ve heard about people being paid by advertisers to wear certain clothing around town.  But this is new to me.

A couple from California are having their mortgage paid for a year by a company called Brainiacs from Mars.  If you put a billboard advertising their services in front of your home, they will cover your mortgage expenses.  The company started advertising this service on their site in April of last year.  Since then, they’ve received 38,000 requests.  The CEO said he’s hoping to add billboards to 1,000 homes this year.

I have to say I’ve never heard of anything like this before.  I can definitely say it’s creative advertising, for sure.  If it helps keep people from losing their homes, great.  However, what do the neighbors think?  I wonder if any car accidents happen from people driving down the street and stopping suddenly to notice the huge billboard in front of the house.

I’m guessing A LOT of communities wouldn’t even allow homeowners to do this because of zoning laws and city codes.  But it has me wondering how many people would consider doing this if the city allowed it.  Would a year of mortgage payments be worth it to you?

 I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this.  You can contact the Brainiacs to apply (although the majority of the requests are coming from California, Florida, and Nevada – the three states with the highest foreclosure rates) through their Web site.  And more information on the program can be found in this CNBC article.  But please leave me your opinions.  I’d love to start a good conversation going!

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