Evanston IL 8th Best Small City

Evanston, IllinoisThe Movoto Blog which calls itself the “Lighter Side Of Real Estate” says that Evanston IL is in the top ten of best dressed Evanston IL Mapcities. They have an article that mentions this and that Evanston is number 8. They rated the cities by High end fashion shoe and jewelry stores per capita as well as tailors and dry cleaners per capita too. If you are interested in this article click the link above.

Also this was mentioned in the Evanston Now magazine. The number one spot went to Santa Monica, California and ten went to Miami Beach, Florida. This is great news for us because Evanston IL truly is a great place to live. I personally have been here for 35 years, the longest time I have lived in any area of Chicago and would not want to live anywhere else in Illinois.

What makes Evanston so great besides the shopping as they mention in these articles? We are right on Lake Michigan and have 6 public beaches which includes one dog beach. Three of those beaches are accessible to people with disabilities, Greenwood Street, Lee Street and Lighthouse beach and park. We have a boat launch and over 300 acres of park which is 97 sites and we are only a town of 74,486 people.

Evanston has many wonderful historical landmark Victorian properties which many are on the national register of Historic places. This is something I am very proud of because there is nothing I like more than seeing these beautiful houses. One of the main reasons I got into selling real estate and became a Realtor. I love looking inside these homes and always are excited when one comes on the market for sale and I get to tour it and perhaps sell it to someone who will take care of the home and take pride in living there.

Besides that there is so much to do here. We have so much live entertainment. We have a wonderful music venue called Space which features national music acts and is a really great place to go. Space also has a great pizza place inside called the Union Pizzeria. The food is great, I have been there many times. A new music venue just opened called Club 27 which I hear is also wonderful to go and hear all types of music and dining. We are also only 20 minutes by car to downtown Chicago, how can you beat that?

I could write hundreds of words to tell what is so great about my city but are going to let you explore that yourself. There is nowhere else in Illinois I would live beside Evanston.

Evanston Illinois 25% Sales Gain In Last 3 Years

The closed sales of all types of all types of property have gone up over 25% in the last 3 years in Evanston Illinois. The last year Evanston has had 1,015 totally closed sales from August of 2013 back through August of 2012. This is great news and shows us that the real estate market has picked up very much and should give confidence to the seller that you can achieve success if you want to sell your property.

closed sales Evanston Il

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