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There is a unique area in the Evanston IL and Skokie Real Estate section that uses zip code 60203. People call this area Skevanston. It is really sort of a Skokie IL area but has the benefit of the Evanston schools district but the Property taxes are closer to the rate of the Skokie area. This area has some very nice property and offers great value. 60203 map

In 60203 there are presently 12 single family homes available ranging from $299,000 which is a 3 bedroom 2 bath Split Level home to $779,000 which is a 5 bedroom 4 and a half bath English Tudor built in 1942. There are currently 7 condominiums available ranging from a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo priced at $159,000 and at the higher end a 2 bedroom 2 and a half bathroom townhouse listed for $300,000.

In the last 12 months 56 single family homes in Skevenston have closed and 89 Condos. There are currently 8 single family homes under contract waiting to close and 1 condo.  The Chicago Tribune says that “A long-forgotten snafu created `Skevanston,’ an area of Skokie with Evanston addresses and schools but Skokie police and plowing”. “Right now there is not a clear answer,” said Mark Varner, an analyst with the city’s Geographic Information Systems office. “We’re hoping to get one [soon].”

Meanwhile, their quest to figure out what happened and when has pointed to an area that holds its own mystery: a half-square-mile cartographic oddity that is part of Skokie but where, for reasons unknown, all the houses have Evanston addresses.

It seems likely, officials said, that years ago someone added that area when totaling up Evanston’s size, and the mistake has been carried over ever since.

The only thing Evanston leaders are certain of is their land area is not 8.5 square miles, the number used as far back as anyone can recall. The truth lies between 7.8 and 8.

“It’s very complicated, which is why we haven’t come up with an actual answer for it,” Mark Varner said.

Whatever the mystery behind this is, we get many people interested to take advantage of the great values in this community. The quote I gave came from 2004 and in the last ten years has become gotten and is sort of an area that people who are familiar with Real Estate value love.

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