Who Was Vivian Maier?

Vivian Maier was an unknown Chicago photographer who would have been a famous artist had she shared her work. I love black and white people photography and this story blew me away when I read about it 6 months or so ago and now WTTW our PBS channel in Chicago has a piece about it on Chicago tonight.

There is also a chat with Jeff Garlin the comedian who was also on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jeff is from Chicago and a native of Second City which produced almost all the cast of Saturday Night Live. People from John Belshi, Dan Aykroyd, Alan Arkin, John Candy, Joan Rivers, Bill Murray, Mike Myers just scratches the surface but that is not what this post is about.

This woman Vivian Maier went around for years and took pictures and basically kept them to herself. She was a nanny in Chicago and took photography in her spare time. Upon her passing a Realtor found 30,000 negatives and some prints and they are amazing. I could go on and on but this story thrills me so I am gonna keep it short and let you play around with this on your own if you are interested. I promise you will like all this material.

Finding Vivian MaierĀ 

Her site

Even a little more for the curious