Homes for sale in Evanston IL

Homes for sale in Evanston IL is the topic of today’s Real Estate Report. Currently in Evanston Illinois there are 127 single family homes for sale and 108 under contract and waiting to close. In the last 4 months 107 houses have closed and are sold.


In April of this year, 2014 the average market time for all types of property was 75 days which is down from 140 days in April of 2013. The percent of list to sales price is 94.3%. The inventory of Foreclosures and Short sales has drastically been reduced in the last 3 years.

If you are interested to see what the entire picture is regarding what is for sale in Evanston and what has recently sold then please click this Evanston Real Estate link and browse freely.

Evanston has so much to offer. Starting on May 27th a whole series of Festivals and Concerts are beginning and most are free. Click the 2014 Evanston Festivals & Concerts link to plan your schedule.

Downtown Evanston has become a Mecca of Shopping, Dining and Events causing people to come from afar just to visit. Click this Downtown Evanston link and see what is offered. Maybe while you are in town you would want to visit the Lakefront and Beaches? If you are interested to find out more about that scene then click the Evanston Beaches and Parks link.

It is no wonder that Evanston has become such a popular spot for many people. If you are considering making a move to town then contact Coldwell Banker Evanston and find out how we can help make the transition a smooth and easy one. We can schedule property viewing at a time that fits your schedule.

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Evanston IL Hottest Place to Dine

Evanston IL is named hottest place to eat by the magazine Time Out Chicago. This is a huge honor for Evanstonians and makes me proud. You see in the past years we have expanded greatly and many new condo and rental building have been built.
To go along with this, entertainment, shopping and dining is needed and the population has gone up quite a bit. I had a conversation with a coworker last week and we agreed that the caused data saying we have population of 74,486 in 2010 is way low now.

Evanston IL Map

Please let me quote Emily Stone the editor of the article I read who wrote this in the Evanston Patch. Emily said:

You probably already knew this, but it’s nice to hear others agree: Evanston’s restaurant scene is hopping.

Time Out Chicago just validated the fact by calling Evanston “the hottest place to eat right now.”

“The hottest dining area in Chicago isn’t Logan Square or the West Loop—it’s Evanston, where new bars and restaurants are opening at a rapid pace. And there’s more to come,”

I am quoting a person who is quoting another because the article came from Time Out Chicago so I want to give credit where credit is due.

Here is a link to the Patch article and the Time Out Chicago article.

Here are some Evanston Restaurants.

I am an Evanston Resident for over 35 years and a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Evanston and love the community. 

If you are interested to see what property is for sale or selling in Evanston Illinois at this time then I invite you to click this Evanston Real Estate Link and browse away.

If you are ever considering selling property in Evanston IL then you should consider Coldwell Banker Evanston and we can provide a free and no obligation market analysis of your home’s value and a marketing plan.

If you are interested in purchasing property in Evanston we can help and take care of all the steps needed to explain any questions you may have. We can show you property when it is good for you, before, during or after work hours.

If you are ever considering selling property in Evanston IL then you should consider Coldwell Banker Evanston and we can provide a free and no obligation market analysis of your home’s value and a marketing plan.

If you are interested in purchasing property in Evanston we can help and take care of all the steps needed to explain any questions you may have. We can show you property when it is good for you, before, during or after work hours.

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Evanston IL Real Estate & Central Street Upgrade Project

Evanston IL Real Estate & Central Street Upgrade Project is on the minds of many people these days. Evanston Aldermen (and women) are being asked to approve a $300,000 engineering study of improvements to the streetscape and sidewalk improvements in the Central Street and Green Bay Road business district. 

Central Street is a thriving business district with many different and wonderful shops, restaurants, antique stores and anything you would want. It has always been popular but in recent years more and more people gather in that area and it is an interesting community within Evanston’s already great neighborhoods that have so much to offer. It is lined with vintage condos and just a few blocks away, many beautiful family homes, you can just walk around and find a coffee shop, top of the line bakery and even an herb shop like no other I have ever seen.

A few months ago I wrote a piece about Evanston being rated an exciting place to live that you might find interesting

In 1979 I moved to an apartment on Central and Prairie and would walk around to do anything I could ever think I wanted. Now it is even more thriving and a must see for anyone coming to Evanston IL. I always remember these years with fond memories. I hardly used my car.

The proposed upgrades would look at possible improvements to three intersections along Central at Green Bay Road, Broadway Avenue and Prairie Avenue and it would include a traffic study for Central Street from Hartrey to Eastwood avenues and of Green Bay Road from McCormick Boulevard to Isabella Street.

In a memo to aldermen, Public Works Director Suzette Robinson says the four top-rated bidders on the project, of a total of nine that submitted proposals, all were very highly ranked by reviewers and varied little in price.

Robinson says that after interviewing the four top firms, staff recommended Infrastructure Engineering because it “demonstrated the best project approach and the most innovation.


If you are interested in Evanston Real Estate then click the link and see what is available for yourself. If you are curious as to the value of your home then contact Coldwell Banker Evanston and we can provide you with a free no obligation market report.

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Evanston IL Real Estate Report in 2014

The Evanston Illinois Real Estate Market continues to improve over the last three years. In the period of January 2013 through December 2013 sales of Single Family Homes and Condos are up 28% to a total of 1,101 properties sold.

Usually during the season from Thanksgiving through the beginning of the following year the sales market slows down as people celebrate holidays. This year we did not see this happen. People are still actively looking for homes to purchase and are keeping us Realtors busy showing them houses and condos.

At this time in Evanston IL there are 83 single family homes available on the market and 130 Condominiums. There are also 52 Single family homes under contract and waiting to close as well as 67 condos. These properties will become closed soon and this is unusual for this time of year.

Also there are 19 multiple dwelling buildings like two or four flats actively for sale on the market and 7 under contract waiting to close. This is very good news because in the last few years we saw these multiple family residences become almost totally stagnant and this change all points to signs of a strong Real Estate Market in 2014.
Evanston has some fine middle and elementary schools in our district 65. In the Elementary category Great Schools rates Dewey, Orrington and Lincoln very highly, a 9 on a sale of 1 to 10. Haven middle school is highly rated too. Our High School Evanston Township High School is also considered one of the best. ETHS is a four year school on a 62 acre campus established in 1883. It is in our district 202 with 265 staff members and a majority of the teachers have a Masters Degree or beyond. To quote the motto of ETHS and their mission statement:
“Embracing its diversity, ETHS dedicates itself to educating all students to their fullest potential”

Another highlight of Evanston is Northwestern University. Which is considered one of the best Universities in the country.

If you would like to see for yourself what homes or condos are available in Evanston then please click the property search link here and you can even explore for yourself.

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Michael Jordan’s Suburban Chicago Lake Forest Mansion Fails at Auction

This Monday Former Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan attempted to auction off his home in MJ 23Lake Forest Illinois located at 2700 Point Ln with a minimum bid of $13 Million and there were no takers. The home is Michael_Jordan_23_Bulls_Jersey_HD_Wallpaper56,000 square feet on three floors with 9 bedrooms, 5 fire places and sits on 7 acres. A guest house to rival most homes you and I would live in is included.
He lived in the home with his former wife and children who are now grown and have moved on. The home has a full size regulation basketball court and huge workout room that is like his own health club. Randy Brown was part of a group of former players who would go to his weight room and work out and play ball before they would even go to the official practice. They called the get together “The Breakfast Club” because his private chef would prepare meals for his cronies who have talked about the sessions they had enjoyed.
With a tennis court, wet bar, dry bar in ground pool and fire places indoors and out what more could you want? There are not many who could afford such a house and maybe that is why it did not sell? One problem is that it is located 3 miles from Lake Michigan and most homes getting anywhere near that price tag include beach access.
The home was once listed in the MLS at $29,000,000, dropped to $16,000,000 but still did not attract any offers. Do you think MJ is hurting for the money? I don’t think so. He is still one of the highest paid former professional sports figures with a fairly untarnished image unlike Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.
Imagine getting the commission on selling that house.
MJ’s House Video

800 Elgin, Optima Horizons, Evanston IL Northwestern Students

Today I closed a sale on 800 Elgin, the Optima Horizons unit 1509 a 2 bedroom 2 Bath Evanston Illinois condo steps from Northwestern University and all parties are very happy. Why is this, the 800 Elgin building is the favorite among students and facility in town because it has all the amenities and is right in downtown Evanston IL.
800 Elgin 2
There are restaurants all over, many shops, and public transportation is right at your finger tips. A great building with a door person, huge swimming pool, deck, exercise room, party room and management on site 5 days a week. If you want to learn more about 800 Elgin or any of the Optima communities of Evanston Illinois I suggest you visit 800 Elgin and take a peak.

The property we closed on today was for a buyer who invested to help his daughter a fine student at NU and she is a very excited young lady judging by the huge smile on her face.

Want to talk more about it? Call or click Coldwell Banker Evanston at (800) 858-7917 9:00 am to 9:00 PM and we can help make your dreams become reality.

800 Elgin Optima Horizons

The view of Evanston from this property

800 Elgin

Merchants object to bike lane parking cuts in Evanston IL

Thanks to Bill Smith from Evanston Now

Diagonal parking spaces in the 500 block of Davis Street — empty late Tuesday evening — but in high demand, merchants say, for restaurant customer parking earlier in the day.

Some merchants are objecting to plans for a bike lane in the 500 block of Davis Street in downtown Evanston because it will eliminate diagonal parking there — reducing by 10 the number of on-street parking spaces.

Ted Mavrakis, who owns Giordano’s pizza at one corner of the block and owns the building housing Todoroki, said there are five restaurants on the block, “and that creates a very serious situation for parking.”

Mavrakis said half of his business comes from customers who pickup a pizza at his restaurant, and they want to park very close to the door.

“I have another store in Morton Grove, and the pickup business there is twice as large as in Evanston, because I have pickup parking there,” Mavrakis said.

He suggested that the city could solve the parking problem by purchasing the now-vacant lot around the corner at 1515 Chicago Ave. and using it for parking — an idea that didn’t win any takers among aldermen concerned about what that solution might cost.

Alderman Judy Fiske, 1st Ward, suggested the bike lane could be moved a block or two south — to Grove or Lake streets.

“We need to be mindful that we get revenue from these busineses,” Fiske said, “and what they’re saying is that the loss of those 10 spaces would have a dramatic negative impact on their business.”

But Alderman Delores Holmes, 5th Ward said the City Council had already voted last year to do — going eastbound on Church and west back on Davis.

And Alderman Jane Grover, 7th Ward, said the bike route, which is intended to extend from McCormick Boulevard to the lakefront is importatn to regional bike plans.

“Skokie talking about extending their bike path on Church Street to meet with ours, and once you get to McCormick you’ll be able to go almost anywhere,” Grover added.

Aldeman Melissa Wynne, 3rd Ward said she agrees with the idea of completing the two-way bike loop.

“I see more and more people using it on Church Street,” she said. Wynne suggested that city staff reexamine the streets adjoining the block to see if any additional parking spaces could be squeezed into those. “Look at all the loading zones to see if they’re still being used. Make sure we’re not wasting some space.”

Alderman Don Wilson, 4th Ward, said, “It’s critically important to make sure we have a safe route for bikes.”

Wilson, a cyclist himself, said he initially didn’t favor protected bike lanes, but has come to believe they play an important role in providing a safe option for riders to commute and shop downtown.

“We want to keep moving cars and bikes from coming into contact,” Wilson said. He conceded that cyclists could still be “doored” by a passenger getting out of a car, “but it minimizes the risk of a more serious incident — you’re not falling into a lane of moving traffic where you’ll be killed.”

The bike lane also drew support from one speaker during the council’s public comment session. Natalie Watson of 820 Oakton St., said the bike lane will attract more young people to dine at downtown restaurants.

She suggested the on-street parking problem is caused by the city under-pricing on-street parking.

“If you charged a makret price for parking,” Watson said, “more people would park in the garages and people would walk, cycle and take mass transit more.”

Public Works Director Suzette Robinson said Davis Street in the 500 block is narrower than it is in the rest of downtown and that to have any room for a bike lane at all, the diagonal parking would have to be eliminated.

The aldermen, under pressure to act soon on the Davis Street repaving project to be able to get it completed during this year’s construction season, voted to ask staff to come up with alternatives for the 500 block of Davis for next Monday’s City Council meeting, but move forward with seeking bids for the overall project.