Evanston IL Hottest Place to Dine

Evanston IL is named hottest place to eat by the magazine Time Out Chicago. This is a huge honor for Evanstonians and makes me proud. You see in the past years we have expanded greatly and many new condo and rental building have been built.
To go along with this, entertainment, shopping and dining is needed and the population has gone up quite a bit. I had a conversation with a coworker last week and we agreed that the caused data saying we have population of 74,486 in 2010 is way low now.

Evanston IL Map

Please let me quote Emily Stone the editor of the article I read who wrote this in the Evanston Patch. Emily said:

You probably already knew this, but it’s nice to hear others agree: Evanston’s restaurant scene is hopping.

Time Out Chicago just validated the fact by calling Evanston “the hottest place to eat right now.”

“The hottest dining area in Chicago isn’t Logan Square or the West Loop—it’s Evanston, where new bars and restaurants are opening at a rapid pace. And there’s more to come,”

I am quoting a person who is quoting another because the article came from Time Out Chicago so I want to give credit where credit is due.

Here is a link to the Patch article and the Time Out Chicago article.

Here are some Evanston Restaurants.

I am an Evanston Resident for over 35 years and a Realtor at Coldwell Banker Evanston and love the community. 

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If you are ever considering selling property in Evanston IL then you should consider Coldwell Banker Evanston and we can provide a free and no obligation market analysis of your home’s value and a marketing plan.

If you are interested in purchasing property in Evanston we can help and take care of all the steps needed to explain any questions you may have. We can show you property when it is good for you, before, during or after work hours.

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Evanston Skokie 60203 Skevanston Real Estate

There is a unique area in the Evanston IL and Skokie Real Estate section that uses zip code 60203. People call this area Skevanston. It is really sort of a Skokie IL area but has the benefit of the Evanston schools district but the Property taxes are closer to the rate of the Skokie area. This area has some very nice property and offers great value. 60203 map

In 60203 there are presently 12 single family homes available ranging from $299,000 which is a 3 bedroom 2 bath Split Level home to $779,000 which is a 5 bedroom 4 and a half bath English Tudor built in 1942. There are currently 7 condominiums available ranging from a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo priced at $159,000 and at the higher end a 2 bedroom 2 and a half bathroom townhouse listed for $300,000.

In the last 12 months 56 single family homes in Skevenston have closed and 89 Condos. There are currently 8 single family homes under contract waiting to close and 1 condo.  The Chicago Tribune says that “A long-forgotten snafu created `Skevanston,’ an area of Skokie with Evanston addresses and schools but Skokie police and plowing”. “Right now there is not a clear answer,” said Mark Varner, an analyst with the city’s Geographic Information Systems office. “We’re hoping to get one [soon].”

Meanwhile, their quest to figure out what happened and when has pointed to an area that holds its own mystery: a half-square-mile cartographic oddity that is part of Skokie but where, for reasons unknown, all the houses have Evanston addresses.

It seems likely, officials said, that years ago someone added that area when totaling up Evanston’s size, and the mistake has been carried over ever since.

The only thing Evanston leaders are certain of is their land area is not 8.5 square miles, the number used as far back as anyone can recall. The truth lies between 7.8 and 8.

“It’s very complicated, which is why we haven’t come up with an actual answer for it,” Mark Varner said.

Whatever the mystery behind this is, we get many people interested to take advantage of the great values in this community. The quote I gave came from 2004 and in the last ten years has become gotten and is sort of an area that people who are familiar with Real Estate value love.

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Evanston IL Real Estate Report in 2014

The Evanston Illinois Real Estate Market continues to improve over the last three years. In the period of January 2013 through December 2013 sales of Single Family Homes and Condos are up 28% to a total of 1,101 properties sold.

Usually during the season from Thanksgiving through the beginning of the following year the sales market slows down as people celebrate holidays. This year we did not see this happen. People are still actively looking for homes to purchase and are keeping us Realtors busy showing them houses and condos.

At this time in Evanston IL there are 83 single family homes available on the market and 130 Condominiums. There are also 52 Single family homes under contract and waiting to close as well as 67 condos. These properties will become closed soon and this is unusual for this time of year.

Also there are 19 multiple dwelling buildings like two or four flats actively for sale on the market and 7 under contract waiting to close. This is very good news because in the last few years we saw these multiple family residences become almost totally stagnant and this change all points to signs of a strong Real Estate Market in 2014.
Evanston has some fine middle and elementary schools in our district 65. In the Elementary category Great Schools rates Dewey, Orrington and Lincoln very highly, a 9 on a sale of 1 to 10. Haven middle school is highly rated too. Our High School Evanston Township High School is also considered one of the best. ETHS is a four year school on a 62 acre campus established in 1883. It is in our district 202 with 265 staff members and a majority of the teachers have a Masters Degree or beyond. To quote the motto of ETHS and their mission statement:
“Embracing its diversity, ETHS dedicates itself to educating all students to their fullest potential”

Another highlight of Evanston is Northwestern University. Which is considered one of the best Universities in the country.

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Horrible Fire Destroys Evanston Pine Yard

The Pine Yard and 3 other business in Evanston IL were destroyed late Saturday night by a horrible fine that started in the Pine Yard restaurant. the building was an Evanston landmark and also burned to the ground was Taco Diablo, Technicolor a nail salon and a bike store was heavily damages by smoke and water.

Here is a link to the Evanston Now online paper and their coverage. It is very sad because this was a beautiful old building and a horrible loss to these small Evanston businesses I had dinner with my family at the Pine Yard recently and have been going there for many years. How ironic that it happen on the 150 year anniversary of our town?

A very sad scene and our hearts go out to the people who lost jobs, the owners of the establishments and a fire fighter who hurt his ankle and was taken to Evanston Hospital.

Here is the local news coverage of the fire, this also was right across the street from our main post office which is a historic landmark building.

RIP the Pine Yard and the other places that were lost. Let us hope they rebuild and are even better for 2014.

Evanston IL Real Estate Market Report.

The Evanston IL Real Estate market continues to boom. The inventory of available properties is down -21% and there is a +88.2% gain in closed sales of all property types. That means if you are considering selling your house or condo you will be successful. We are experiencing many people still out looking at homes and it is unusual this close to the holidays. This is very good news for everybody and we predict the market to continue on an upswing. Why wait? If you want to buy or sell then call the experts at Coldwell Banker.


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Evanston IL Market Report

Evanston IL Market Reprot

Evanston IL Market Reprot