Possible water bill increases for Evanston residents

Evanston, IL residents may be faced with a dilemma in the near future, and no matter what, it could equal an increase in water bills, sewer bills, and even property taxes.

Because residents have been great at conserving water over the past few years, the city is left without much of the revenue it normally generates from water bills.  Evanston had a City Council meeting this past week to discuss the options to generate more money for the city.  All of the options included a property tax hike and either an increase in water or sewer bills.  Based on the last fiscal year, water usage was down 19% from what was used back in 2005.  And the 2005 year is what they based the current budget on.

So what are the possible outcomes to this?  How would residents’ bills increase?  The first scenario would only increase property taxes by less than 1% each year over a three-year period.  This wouldn’t begin until January 1 of 2011 and it would also include a hike in the sewer bill of 6, 7, and 8%.  So you’d be paying an increase of about $160 over five years in your tax bill and around $300 in your sewer bill.

The second possibility is to leave the sewer rate as it is now, with no increase in the immediate future.  However, they’d bump the property taxes by less than 1% over four years instead of three.  If costs are added to property taxes, they can all be deducted.  In terms of water, the most expensive option would cost a homeowner would be around $192 in property taxes and $158 for water.

Evanston currently charges Skokie, IL and other cities like Buffalo Grove and Palatine in the Northwest Water Commission for water.  They’re looking to expand this service to be able to make more money off of other cities.   Thanks to the Evanston Review for this great information. 

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